The Fade and Taper Class with Tayari Edwards

Learn how to approach popular, and traditional haircuts from a barber’s perspective, with some of the latest barbering trends, and fading techniques with this course.

Course Type: Seminar + Live Interactive Demonstrations
Course Duration: 4 Hours
Time: AM or PM
Equipment Needed: Please bring a taper comb, flattop comb, styling comb, paddle brush, adjustable lever clipper (with #1, #2, #3, #4+ guards), trimmer, and hairdryer.

Learn the difference between a fade and taper, as well as how to approach each cut from a award winning barbers perspective with this fading & tapering course. Learn all aspects of this classic barbering technique from the basics; creating the perfect fade & taper with no visible lines, to more advanced technicalities; skin fades, undercutting, and secret tricks that creates those photo finished looks.

What will this course cover?
  • Clipper Fundamentals
  • Clipper Cutting Techniques
  • Clipper Over Comb
  • Blend Knowledge
  • Tool Control
  • Bulk Removal
  • Blending
  • Dissolving Dark Areas
  • Tapering
  • Fading
  • Advanced Techniques
  • $ecrets & Tip$
What is the course schedule?
  • 15mins: Introductions, Theories, Questions, etc.
  • 30mins: Clipper Knowledge , and the Breakdown of Tools necessary for fading, tapering, etc.
  • 1.5hrs: Blend Knowledge, Taper vs Fade, Demonstration of a taper on course curly hair, also a demonstration of a taper on straight hair.
  • 1hr: Lunch Break
  • 1hr: Demonstration of a fade on course curly hair, and also a demonstration of a fade on straight hair. Demonstration of a skin fade.
  • 30mins: Demonstration and application of secrets, and tips used by barbers to create that photo finished look.
  • 15mins: Open up for questions regarding what has been taught, as well as any other questions pertaining to barbering.

*All Demonstrations will be filmed and made available for students to view the material at their convenience on their computer, or mobile devices.


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