The Cut Game Seminar with Tayari Edwards

This seminar will give you all of the answers and equip you with practical tools to take your barber career to the next level. Wether your are just beginning, or hit a plateau in your career. This 2 hour seminar will get you motivated, and on track to consistently making $1 or more every minute that you are servicing clients, helping you to experience $2,400 work weeks.

Course Type: Seminar + Lecture
Course Duration: 2 Hours
Time: AM or PM
Equipment Needed: Please bring a paper, pencil or pen, and a tablet.

Learn the difference between effectiveness, and efficiency, as well as how to approach each cut from a award winning barbers perspective improving efficiency with The Cut Game Course. Learn all aspects of six figure barbering; creating a perfect platform to build a stable business on. We also will be covering practical teachings to help improve your mental and physical health so you can enjoy being a high demand barber.

What will this course cover?
  • The Importance of adding shampoo services
  • Successfully Staffing your barber shop
  • How to stop clients from flaking
  • How to become more efficient
  • Mentorship
  • Detrimental mistakes to avoid as a barber
  • How to price your services
  • When to increase your pricing
  • How to avoid barber burnout
  • Details on how to join the hair and makeup union
  • $ecrets & Tip$
What is the course schedule?
  • 30mins: Introductions, Theories, Questions, etc.
  • 1hr: 60 mins of valuable Cut Game
  • 30mins: Open up for questions regarding what has been taught, as well as any other questions pertaining to barbering.

*Lecture will be filmed and made available for students to view the material at their convenience on their computer, or mobile devices. 


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