The Haha Davis Episode

If you are a fan of Big Fella @hahadavis , then you should know that Dis Interview Finna Be A Breeze.
Haha Davis is well recognized for his hilarious videos on Instagram. He is known for phrases such as “Big Fella”, “Who Made You Like That”, and “Dis Finna Be A Breeze” just to name a few.
In this episode @groomcity interviews Carlos “Haha” Davis while out working in Atlanta as the barber on his new film @meet_the_blacks 2.
Haha shares with us stories from his childhood growing up in Detroit, MI, and the process that has lead him to become the successful comedian that he is today.

In this episode, @groomcity has an in-depth conversation with @famos about his childhood, and what lead him to become a barber. Famos also shares with us his experience touring, showcasing his talents, and educating across the globe. If you’re a fan of pioneers, and trailblazers sharing their story in raw form, then this is an episode for you.


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