About Tayari Edwards

Tayari Edwards has built a reputation in Southern California since graduating from American Barber College in 2000, and spent over a decade earning his status as one of the top barbers on the West Coast.

Not only is Tayari gifted with a straight razor and a vast variety of treatment products, he is also astonishingly consistent and versatile. For Tayari, barbering is a service, an art, and a commitment to excellence. He takes immense pleasure in the pride his customers take in their new look.

What makes him so consistent and unique is that in addition to being an experienced, proficient barber, Tayari seeks inspiration and innovation from a wide array of other media. His interest in aesthetics extends to art, fashion, body art, and film. With each cut, shave, or enhancement his passion grows.

In seven years at the renowned Just In Time Hair Trends (Pasadena and Pomona, CA) and one more at Tangles and Locks (Altadena, CA), Tayari has encountered every grade and texture of hair. He is comfortable cutting or enhancing any type of hair.

His ambition and talent as a barber have launched him into the entertainment industry, working on various film projects with celebrities such as Danny Glover, Columbus Short, Cuba Gooding Jr., Omar Epps, Nas, and Derek Luke just to name a few.

As head barber and owner of Groom City Barbershop, Tayari is highly attentive to his customers needs, which adds to the relaxed atmosphere.

Tayari Edwards also is the host of The Cut Game Radio Show, which is the #1 barber podcast and Youtube talk show. For booking information please visit: www.styleseat.com/groomcity


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